Sectional tanks

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL specialise in the design and manufacture of sectional tanks

ATL are the leading manufacturer of sectional tanks for use in the aquarium and zoo industries. Our tank structures are fully engineered and proven to suit the desired application. ATL’s sectional tanks are widely used in attraction projects around the globe. We have recently completed a 7 metre long by 3.8 metre wide sectional tank. The tank was produced in two sections each standing over 2.4 metres high. The tank was split longitudinally. This allowed the tank to be prefabricated with its in tank theming (decor) in one section and its viewing panels installed and sealed in the other section. Once on site our installers will position and join the two sections together. This will allow the tank to be filled and brought on line within 2 days of arriving on site.

sectional tanks

Steel reinforced composite structures

sectional tanks

Sectional tank with theming

ATL have produced another large circular shoaling species display for the same project. ATL sectional tanks designs lend themselves to this application perfectly. The tank frames and support plinths are fabricated in steel. ATL’s GRP composite tank coatings are applied to provide waterproofing and corrosion proofing. The shoaling displays are 7 metres in diameter and stand at 2.8 high and therefore need to be built sectionally to enable the components to fit inside export containers. Once on site the ATL team will oversee and assist the local client teams with the assembly of the display.

sectional tanks

ATL shoaling species display

Building large sectional tanks for aquariums is not a new technique for ATL. Indeed some of our team have been building tanks this way since 1988 so we can draw on a huge bank of knowledge! What is changing is the size and scale of the tanks that we are being asked to produce. There’s no doubt that to successfully build large sectional tanks of these proportions needs care and attention. From initial design detail through to every stage of production. Bringing together steel components, GRP composite, high quality theming and large panels of thermo formed cast acrylic is ATL’s specialty and has established us as the leaders in aquarium technology.

Sectional tanks for aquarium and zoo attractions are only part of the story. ATL also supply tanks for research applications specialist universities. Our sectional tanks have been used in the nuclear, oil and gas, wind and wave research, sedimentary deposition, sea glider ballasting and quarantine applications. Contemporary art containment’s built to meet the highest expected quality standards are yet another application where ATL sectional tanks are used.

ATL sectional tanks

High quality sectional tanks

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