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ATL surge tank

We have recently completed a series of aquariums for a small visitor attraction project in Sweden. These ATL tanks have been sent to the Marine Education Centre in Malmo Sweden

This is ATL’s latest project in Malmo, Sweden following our successful refurbishment of Malmo Museum aquarium. ATL tanks are once again being used in a new educational establishment. We have designed a series of shallow ‘see through’ tanks which allow the visitor to closely view an array of creatures and habitats not normally displayed. ATL shallow seas tank for MalmoThese ATL tanks will demonstrate eelgrass beds found around the Malmo area. A surge device has been added to one of the displays to enable water movement to recreate local shallow water conditions. ATL surge tankATL was pleased to be appointed as the aquarium tank producer for this very interesting project.

All of the ATL tanks were fully prefabricated in our workshops and packaged for export to Sweden. ATL also supplied a packaged LSS filtration unit to provide re circulation and undertake secondary filtration of the aquarium water. The scheme was designed by the renowned architect Nordarchitects based in Copenhagen. There was an architectural brief that all of the tank stands needed to bu built from steel and powder coated black to match other on site hardware and furniture. ATL designed and arranged fabrication of these units as part of their workscope. ATL plinths designed to suit architectural details

These ATL tanks can viewed in the learning landscape part of the project. Vistors and users to this zone will find floating laboratories on small removable pontoons, teaching signs on the seabed and underwater sea binoculars! Inside the centre, guests are able to study the buildings technical installations and the role that the architecture plays as part of the areas resource cycle. Water handling, energy consumption and ventilation are all on display and work as a key part of the learning experience.

More details about this fascinating project can be seen at seen at

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