Penguins in SEALIFE Paris

Penguins in Sealife Paris

Penguins in SEALIFE Paris

Another of ATL’s recent projects saw our teams working in France on the scheme to bring penguins in SEALIFE Paris. ATL undertook the GRP composite water proofing of the new penguin enclosure as well as all behind the scenes reservoirs. Quarantine tanks and the back of house areas were also waterproofed using GRP composites.

Large viewing panels consisting of flat portrait, domes, headup cylinders and thermo formed walk under tunnel views were also manufactured and installed by ATL.

ATL’s plumbing team worked closely with industry renowned German filtration specialist Erwin Sander Gmbh. Our team undertook the installation and commissioning of the penguin LSS systems. Part of the works involved the decommissioning, removal and reuse of some very expensive equipment from another project and incorporating this alongside new equipment into the penguins in SEALIFE Paris project.

ATL’s team has a proven track record when it comes to difficult access scenarios on site. Access for large items of plant and equipment into the centre in Paris is restricted and always difficult. SEALIFE Paris is in the basement of a large, very busy and popular shopping mall which is open to the public late into the evening. The site is accessed via an pedestrian escalators. Due to the size and weight of component the escalators had to be bypassed. The ATL team overcame this issue by using their own installers in combination with lifting gantries supplied by their specialist hauliers. The equipment installation works were completed overnight to minimise site disruption.

This has been a challenging but very rewarding project for us and another great addition to the hugely successful SEALIFE Paris aquarium attraction. Penguins are always fascinating to watch and a visit to see the colony of King and Gentoos penguins in SEALIFE Paris is a must.

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