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freshwater aquarium

Freshwater aquarium for Hankensbuttel otter centre

ATL are recognized as being leaders in aquarium technology and were chosen to supply a show piece fresh water aquarium for Otter Zentrum in Hankensbuttel Continue reading →

ATLs coral kingdom display

ATL’s coral kingdom display

ATL design and build a large sectional aquarium display for London aquarium. The new display will form the centre piece of London Aquariums coral kingdom zone. The tank is currently on show at the county hall site SEALIFES London showcase. Continue reading →

ATL's Oniria aquarium project

ATL’s Oniria aquarium project

ATL's Oniria aquarium project in Canet en Rousillion France Continue reading →

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

Sectional tanks

ATL specialise in the design and manufacture of sectional tanks

ATL surge tank

ATL tanks

We have recently completed a series of aquariums for a small visitor attraction project in Sweden. These ATL tanks have been sent to the Marine Education Centre in Malmo Sweden

Penguins in Sealife Paris

Penguins in SEALIFE Paris

Penguins in SEALIFE Paris

ATL aquarium refurbishment

ATL aquarium refurbishment

ATL aquarium refurbishment team have completed a major display refurbishment on site in Macduff in Scotland. The ocean display was relined, underwater viewing panels refurbished and a stunning new underwater seascape created. Continue reading →

ATL tanks for China -composite tanks

ATL tanks for China project

ATL tanks for China. We have secured a tank supply contract for the next public aquarium project in China. High quality aquarium displays have been prefabricated and delivered to site. Continue reading →

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes. ATL maximum acrylic dome is now 2400mm diameter in 40mm thick clear cast acrylic. Continue reading →

ATL artificial coral range

ATL artificial coral sent to Japan

The demand for ATL artificial coral is increasing. The latest shipment has been sent to Japan. Continue reading →

ATL penguin viewing

ATL Penguin display opens in Southend

ATL penguin display opens its doors in the revamped Southend sealife adventure. The latest UK penguin pool project is now finished and open. Penguins enjoy their new home. Continue reading →

Meet the team

ATL aquarium products and services

2016 was a very busy year for ATL. ATL leaders in aquarium technology. Our tanks and services have been used in projects across the world. Continue reading →

ATL Jellyfish Jakarta

ATL aquarium tanks for Jakarta

ATL complete a major project for Jakarta Aquarium. Design and manufacture of specialist jellyfish displays. Continue reading →

Large Aquatic Displays panel refurbishment

Bristol Zoo Aquarium – Large Aquatic Displays Refurbishment

ATL have completed the second phase installation of freshwater display, replacement glazing Continue reading →

Public aquarium pipework installation

Aquarium Technology Ltd specialise in the supply and installation of public aquarium pipework and life support filtration Continue reading →

Public aquarium contractor

ATL is the complete turnkey public aquarium contractor package and with everything under one roof! Continue reading →

ATL in Malmo Museum aquarium

The newly refurbished Malmo Museum aquarium has been enjoying a massive increase in its visitor numbers since reopening back in the early summer.

Underwater windows for swimming pools

As well as the obvious aquarium viewing panels, Aquarium Technology Ltd design and install large underwater windows for swimming pools, large ponds and water features.

Quarantine tanks and systems

Aquarium Technology Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of quarantine tanks and systems.

Acrylic cylinder aquarium

ATL were appointed as principle contractor to provide the specialist design and manufacture of a stunning large acrylic cylinder aquarium display. The tank is housed in a new children’s adventure soft play area in Nuneaton, England.

Formed acrylic windows

Aquarium Technology Ltd produce thermo formed acrylic windows to suit any size of aquarium, pond, water feature and swimming pool project.