ATL are Continually updating their extensive range of artificial Corals

ATL have launched a new range of artificial corals, all created from hand sculpted originals to faithfully recreate the look and texture of a natural reef.

range of artificial corals from ATL

ATL always make a conscious effort to work in an environmentally friendly way so in order to help protect the world’s natural corals and reefs, we have designed a range of artificial corals to enhance and grace your marine aquarium without causing harm to this internationally threatened habitat.

Our range of artificial corals is safe for your fish and they are manufactured from polyurethane rubber in an almost endless variety of naturalistic colours. If required we can make them to your individual colour specification, you contact us today for any special requirements or simply choose from our standard selection below.

Please send us an email via our contact page and we’ll happily quote for any specific needs.

The ATL range of Artificial Corals