ATL completes Bristol Zoos reptile house refurbishment

ATL completes Bristol Zoo reptile house refurbishment

Our projects are always varied and this month is no different as ATL completes Bristol Zoos reptile house refurbishment

ATL were awarded the contract to complete the refurbishment of the ever popular reptile house at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Originally built in the 1980’s the existing reptile house exhibit was much loved by all who visited but in need of an update.

ATL Bristol Zoo reptile house refurbishment

Much loved by all. Bristols Zoos reptile house before the refurbishment

However with so many plants, animals and tiny creatures living happily amongst the foliage, rocks and crevices any refurbishment works could only take place once all of the creatures were safely re homed. A project of this size required meticulous front end planning with the zoo’s husbandry and gardening teams.

ATL Bristol Zoo reptile house refurbishment

Original features

The refurbishment works involved the surface preparation of the existing linked pools and land area’s to accept a GRP composite water proof lining system. Large natural boulders and features needed to be moved and retained for reuse later.

pools before the upgrade

Irregularities of pool shape including a ‘cast in’ pebble pool base meant that large area’s of the pools had to be first spray rendered in specialist mortar before we could apply a GRP linings to it. With a hard wearing impervious GRP composite pool lining in place work could begin on the re theming and decoration of the enclosure. Working closely with the requirement of the zoo’s animal keeper team we have created a new and exciting habitat.

ATL Bristol Zoo reptile house refurbishment

ATL tree trunk carvings cleverly hide building columns

Building support columns were cleverly disguised with realistic hand carved tree trunks , roots and fallen logs provide pool separation zones. With washed out river boulders and mud banks all helping to compliment any naturally planted areas. Special attention was given to providing nesting sites and haul out areas within the theming.

ATL Bristol Zoo reptile house refurbishment

ATL washed out banks and mud features

Working together with our other trusted specialist partners the ATL team has really helped to transform this exhibit into keeper friendly and most importantly a realistic, natural beastie friendly environment.

The zoo teams are now hard at work putting the finishing touches to the enclosure and preparing it ready for the reintroduction of the beasties into their revamped home. Bristol Zoos reptile house is due to reopen to the public soon.

ATL is proud to be involved with yet another delightful project at Bristol Zoo. We have a long standing working relationship with the Zoo and we have been involved with many previous projects together. Bristol Zoo welcomes over half a million visitors per year to its grounds in Clifton.

For more details of the reptile house refurbishment visit Bristol Zoo Gardens

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