Chester zoos penguin island

Chester zoos penguin island ATL

ATL have recently completed works on Chester Zoos penguin island

Working with world renowned zoo operators such as Chester Zoo is always a privilege for ATL. As a leading provider of specialist water proofing and under water viewing panels, ATL was chosen as the zoos nominated contractor for supplying these services to Chester zoos penguin island refurbishment.

The original pool was last refurbished back in the mid 1990’s. At that time ATL stepped in at the last minute to provide the flat acrylic glazing panels to the project. After 20+ years of service the pool was in need of an upgrade. Chester zoos penguin island exhibit like all modern zoo exhibits provides a fantastic insight into the lives of the inhabitants. Humboldt penguins spend lots of their time in the water as well on land so it was decided to upgrade the entire exhibit to provide a really spectacular habitat.

Chester Zoos penguin island ATL

Chester Zoos original penguin viewing

Following months of forward planning, demolition and reconstruction works commenced last Autumn. Rapidly approaching a UK winter it was recognised that to complete external works of this magnitude required specialist weather protection to be erected over the pool.

Chester zoos penguin island

Extent of the weather protection over the pool

Once tented and the pool enclosed and protected, the ATL team were able to apply a hard wearing two colour GRP composite lining system over the entire 400m3 pool area! Additional features such as drains and specialist overflow weir boxes were also treated in GRP to provide a complete impervious coating to the entire internal concrete pool structure.

Chester zoos penguin island

ATL composite waterproof pool coatings

As part of the pool upgrade it was decided to provide a new and much larger under water viewing area to enable everyone to get a fantastic view of the playful Chester Zoo penguins and ATL did just that. We sourced and thermo formed four large acrylic blocks at our factory here in Weymouth. Once formed and polished the acrylic viewing panels were delivered to site. Together with our trusted crane equipped transport partner the ATL team installed the new viewing panels each weighing 850kg.

Chester Zoo penguins ATL

Chester Zoo penguins ATL underwater viewing windows

Chester zoos penguin island ATL

ATL curved acrylic viewing panels

Once safely in place the ATL team sealed and protected them ready for hydro testing once the protective tent was removed earlier this year.

Achieving this project is a result of months of forward planning with ATL working closely with the zoos expert in house design, management and animal teams and ofcourse the main contractor alongside other sub contractor teams. Our installation team is rightly proud of achieving this excellent result for the zoo. Chester zoos penguin island exhibit is now open to the public. For more details take a look at the following

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