ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

As the leading UK aquarium manufacturer we are proud to see ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

ATL’s aquariums have now been successfully installed into the new Sealife Legoland Hotel aquarium in Nagoya, Japan. The new and exciting ATL aquariums have been entirely designed and built here in our Weymouth factory and shipped to Japan. There are a range of ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction from specialist micro’s tanks used for displaying seahorses, pop up tanks, close encounter kids rock pools through to a large sectionally constructed shoaling ring display have now been expertly installed on site by ATL’s supervision team.

sectional tanks

Sectional tank with theming

A large 7 metre long harbour display was built in 2 longitudinal sections, each section weighing nearly 2000kg and sized to fit the largest available export containers. Tank sections of this size and weight needed specialist handling and expert installation teams. Displays produced in fewer, larger tank sections allow for fast track on site assembly once each section was lifted onto the displays level 2 floors up!

ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

ATL 7m harbour tank prepared for lifting

ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

ATL large harbour display is craned 2 floors up

Following on from the success of ATL’s first venture into Japan, these are the next generation of ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction at LEGOLAND, show casing the very latest state of the art tank theming, in tank decor and artefacts of the highest quality.

ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

ATL quality theming and tank decor

ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

ATL artificial corals

ATL’s superior quality viewing panels were produced and installed using flat, thermoformed or blown cast acrylics and will show off the tank contents and of course the amazing creatures perfectly

ATL aquarium

ATL acrylic viewing panel

ATL was nominated as the aquarium displays vendor for this project following an extensive pre qualification period. During pre quantification we were able to demonstrate why ATL is the leader in aquarium technology and our provenance for delivering high quality aquarium displays for the demanding visitor attraction market. The SEALIFE Nagoya aquarium project has been a special project for the entire ATL team and the culmination of many months of hard work.

ATL’s products and services are supplied worldwide and can be found in a variety of aquarium, zoo, contemporary art and museum attractions in addition to research and educational establishments.

More details of the grand opening of this project on 15th April 2018 can be found at sealife nagoya

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