ATL supply tank for the LUMOES project

ATL supply tank for LUMOES project

Recently we have been involved with a small project that has seen ATL supply tank for the LUMOES project

LUMOES more readily known as Liverpool University Museum Oceanography Education Society searched the market looking for a reputable aquarium display manufacturer. We were very proud to be chosen and it was announced that ATL supply tank for the LUMOES project.

The LUMOES aquarium project is an exciting new venture being launched this year. The Friends of Liverpool provided the funding for this project. The LUMOES aquarium project will allow LUMOES members to run miniature experiments with marine species and learn about the running of an aquarium and contribute to the all important aspects of aquarium upkeep and maintenance. As part of this project ATL were were asked to follow a specific agreed brief and to design and manufacture a bespoke touch tank. The tank needed to be robust as it is available for use by the LUMOES society to use in schools based events. The ATL prefabricated tank incorporates a formed acrylic viewing panel, a lid, reservoirs and space to house a dedicated water recirculation system within the plinth.

ATL supply tank for the LUMOES project

ATL supply LUMOES tank

The feature tank was delivered into the Central Teaching Hub at Liverpool university. Students are encouraged to get involved with all aspects of the project. Its always amazing to find out just much goes on behind the scenes of our educational establishments without ever making the headlines. LUMOES works closely with teams of conservationists on projects around the world. LUMOES raised awareness on important projects such as pressure of fishing stocks, turtle rehabilitation and of course the spectre of marine pollution.

Although this was a small project for ATL it was very rewarding to be involved with a project that sees our products being used to give something back to the education community. More details can be viewed at

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