SEALIFE Trust project in Iceland

SEALIFE Trust project in Iceland

SEALIFE Trust project in Iceland

For some time ATL has been working on exciting new products for the SEALIFE trust project in Iceland. This was ATL’s first Icelandic project and our activities drew much attention from the press.

ATL Sealife trust project in Iceland

The ATL team makes the headlines!

The SEALIFE trust project in Iceland is located on Heimaey one of the Vestmannaeyer Islands. The island is stunning and Klettsvikk Bay was chosen as it provides a secluded, more natural sub arctic location for the worlds first ever open water Beluga whale sanctuary.

The SEALIFE trust project in Iceland will provide a new home for little grey and little white the two previously captive Beluga whales from Chanfeng Ocean Park in Shanghai, China.

Created in partnership with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) the Beluga Whale sanctuary is one of the biggest recent developments in captive whale and dolphin protection. It is hoped that this will encourage the rehabilitation of more captive whales into natural environments in the future.

The SEALIFE trust project in Iceland presented the ATL team with significant logistical challenges along the way. Moving all of the specialist materials, goods and of course our invaluable technician team to this location proved a real challenge. The weather in this part of the world regularly influences and disrupts travel plans.  As part of the worlds first beluga whale sanctuary the ATL team were involved with the waterproofing scheme for the landside care facility pool. ATL’s proven GRP composite lining was chosen as the preferred lining system due to its superior abrasion resistance, durability and proven life span.

ATL composite tank linings for SEALIFE trust project in Iceland

ATL’s composite waterproof lining being applied

The team expertly applied over 1100m2 of composite lining in record time. As part of these works complicated overflow chambers, in pool pipework for massive filtration demands were all incorporated successfully. An acrylic viewing panel was installed allowing the all important under water visual monitoring of Little Grey and Little White.

ATL acrylic viewing panel for Little white and little grey SEALIFE trust project in Iceland

SEALIFE Trust Iceland little grey and little white underwater viewing panel

As part of the SEALIFE trust project in Iceland there is a small visitor centre. The centre aims provide landside information about Little Grey and Little Whites rehabilitation. In addition the visitor centre complete with aquarium displays provides visitors a perfect insight into the spectacular underwater world around Iceland.

ATL SEALIFE trust project in Iceland

ATL displays provide great views

ATL designed all of the aquarium displays and life support systems for this visitor centre. This even included a sectional high level water storage reservoir facility. Using our proven prefabricated aquarium display system of construction allowed our teams to prepare many of the displays here in our factory in Weymouth and ship these as complete plug and play units. Other larger displays such as a large cod exhibit were built sectionally to allow for easier shipping, handling and installation. These displays were then assembled by our team on location.

ATL cod Tank being installed

ATL SEALIFE trust project in Iceland

Cod tank sections assembled

ATL Sealife trust project in Iceland

ATL sectional tank being filled

With an emphasis on local species, displays were specifically designed to provide the best possible views at this magical underwater kingdom. Formed cylinders, domes, kids tunnel and head in views allow the visitor to get even closer.

ATL Sealife trust project in Iceland

ATL kids tunnel tank

The Vestmannaeyjar islands are home to the largest puffin colony in the world, despite this their numbers are declining. Every effort is made to help the puffins and there is even a children’s puffin rescue squad which sees children involved in helping endangered puffins.

The SEALIFE trust visitor centre includes a puffin hospital facility for those less fortunate birds. ATL designed and manufactured bespoke puffin hospital treatment tanks as well as a large central display. This display was built in 2 large sections and assembled once in position.

ATL Sealife trust project in Iceland

ATL puffin display in progress

It provides a unique above and below water view of these mesmerising birds. The flooded section of the display provides the puffins with safe access for that all important water rehabilitation.

The entire ATL team has been proud to have been involved and working in partnership on the SEALIFE trust project in Iceland. This really is a unique and very important project for more details take a look at THIS

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