ATL’s works on the new SEALIFE rescue facility

ATL work on the new SEALIFE rescue facility

This winter saw us complete ATL’s works on the new SEALIFE rescue facility in Birmingham

ATL were appointed as the specialist waterproofing and submerged glazing contractor for this exciting new rescue facility. ATL’s works on the new SEALIFE rescue facility are now complete and can be seen at the National SEALIFE located at Brindley Place set in the heart of central Birmingham.

Creating new and imaginative mammal exhibits within an existing attraction is always a challenge and SEALIFE Birmingham is no exception. To create the necessary proportions of land and water space the new exhibit spans between the top two floors of the building which was originally designed by eminent architect Sir Norman Foster back in 1995. The concrete exhibit structure was designed and built in situ by other specialist contractors. ATLs role was to co ordinate and supply the waterproofing of the exhibit with all the other trades and whilst the site remained open to visitors.

New sealife rescue facility

ATL water proofing in progress

New sealife rescue facility

ATL’s 2 colour composite waterproofing systems

Bespoke surface skimmers designed in conjunction with the life support system specialist and were built and installed by ATL during the lining works. A separate composite animal care isolation tank was built sectionally and assembled on site to overcome difficult access issues and this is located in a back of house zone.

New Sealife rescue facility

ATL sectional site assembly isolation tank

Once waterproofing was complete our team had to undertake the very demanding viewing panel installation exercise. As previously mentioned this new exhibit is located between the top two floors of the cantilever slab and ramped building. For specific animal husbandry reasons heat soak toughed and laminated glass viewing panels were selected. Large glass viewing panels are more susceptible to damage during the installation and handling stages. The largest viewing panel weighed in at over 1000kg so this called on all of ATL’s vast experience to complete safely.

New SEALIFE rescue facility

ATL’s largest glass viewing panel weighs in at over a ton

All of the glass viewing panels were delivered onto site and offloaded using specialist lifting gantries onto bespoke low profile stillage’s. The stillages were then maneuvered up the ramps adjacent to the location. With great care the glasses were all gently lowered down into the exhibit and safely installed into the rebates.

New SEALIFE rescue facility

Hoisting our glass auditorium panel into position

The team completed the specialist sealing operation and handed over the pool for the other teams to complete their works.

ATL work on new SEALIFE rescue facility

ATL s team completed the glass installation

A few weeks ago it was announced Miley and Boo, two rescue seals from Hunstanton and Scarborough were to be the first inhabitants of their stunning new home in the SEALIFe rescue facility. Take a look at Miley and Boo settling in :

Its now 24 years since many of the existing ATL team worked on the original installation of aquarium tanks including life support systems for Birmingham. This is our latest project and we are all very proud to have been involved with yet another prestigious and very worthwhile project at the National SEALIFE, Birmingham.

ATL work on new SEALIFE rescue facility

Completed with the obligatory ATL thumbs up

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