ATL’s coral kingdom display

ATLs coral kingdom display

Our team has recently completed works on a brand new feature incorporating ATL’s coral kingdom display in London

The centre piece of the SEALIFE Londons latest attraction is ATL’s coral kingdom display.

Late last year ATL were appointed to design and build a large aquarium display for SEALIFE London. The aquarium was to house a living coral reef as part of their planned coral kingdom project.

SEALIFE London aqaurium is housed in the historic listed County Hall building located opposite the Houses of Parliament. Working within such a building is always a challenge and requires specialist handling skills.

ATL's coral kingdom display

ATLs sectional tank construction allows easy access

ATL’s coral kingdom display is just over 14 metres long and was sectionally built here in our factory in Weymouth.

ATL's coral kingdom display

Trial assembly in our workshop

Working closely with the aquarium curatorial teams the tank structure incorporates specialist skimmers and flow nozzles required to create the required currents within a live coral exhibit.

ATL's coral kingdom display

Overflows and inlets

Once complete the tank sections were moved onto site on crane equipped transport and offloaded onto specially designed low profile trolleys.

ATL coral kingdom display

ATL’s coral kingdom display sections arriving in London

The tank sections were then carefully maneuvered through the corridors and walkways through the building to the final location. The ATL technician team then set about the careful assembly of the tank sections in situ. Once assembled the tanks acrylic viewing panels were ready for installation. ATL’s large flat and thermoformed acrylic viewing panels were installed along the entire 14 metre tank length. These underwater views provide a stunning underwater spectacle of the living coral reef habitat.

ATL coral kingdom

ATL’s coral kingdom display being assembled

ATL coral kingdom display

ATL’s coral kingdom tank maturation

ATL’s original involvement with London aquarium was over 23 years ago. Since then the ATL team have been involved with major infrastructure works including the conversion into a SEALIFE aquarium in 2009. These works included a range of new aquarium displays and the installation of an underwater acrylic tunnel. More recently ATL’s London projects have included revamping the tropical rain forest area and design and build of a series of bespoke designed head up displays providing unique views of ants and other crawling insects. Take a look for yourself.

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