Quarantine tanks and systems

Aquarium Technology Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of quarantine tanks and systems.

As part of any public aquarium and zoo display, there is always a back of house world of aquariums and life support systems. Quarantine tanks and systems are vital to the upkeep of any aquarium set up. From the quarantining and conditioning of new fish stock to the separation, isolation and treatment of poorly animals, quarantines are a very important and integral facility. For many years public aquarium and zoo attractions have promoted captive breeding programmes. A quality quarantine and research aquarium facility is key to the success these important breeding programmes.

Historically aquarium quarantine areas were often overlooked and squeezed into any available space on an architectural plan but times have changed. The introduction of tighter licencing and ever updating legislation has seen major improvements to quarantine facilities. These days and rightly so the demands and requirements from a quarantine zone are much higher. Impervious floor coatings, wall tiling and easy clean surfaces have brought these once no go areas into the public eye. Check out the increasing popularity of guided behind the scenes tours seen in many public aquariums and zoos, something 15 years ago was virtually unheard of.

aquarium quarantine areaATL quarantine tank

ATL’s quarantine and stock holding tanks can be supplied in virtually any colour and size and are produced in low maintenance, easy clean moulded GRP composite technology. These are suitable for use in freshwater, marine invertebrate or living coral systems.

coral quarantine tank

We also supply acrylic, all glass or welded polypropylene or PVC quarantine and fish holding tanks.

fish holding tank

ATL also work extensively with other reputable producers to provide the entire range of tanks for any scheme.

one of large range of tanks supplied by ATLSectional tank

Larger sectional holding tanks can be manufactured and delivered to site in pieces to help with installation into difficult access locations. We have designed, manufactured and installed bespoke every size and shape of quarantine tank, to house literally everything from minute marine invertebrates such as jellyfish polyps up to full size salt water crocodiles!

To compliment quarantine and research aquarium tanks, ATL design and install aquarium life support systems (LSS).

Life support systems

The LSS can either be specifically designed as stand alone units or equally used as a centralised recirculating system combining an entire range of displays.

Life support systems

These LSS systems are designed to provide exactly the same water parameters required to maintain sustainable fish health and well being.

Life support system

ATL is increasingly involved with the refurbishment and upgrading of existing quarantine facilities for many of the worlds largest aquarium attraction, zoo operators and research aquarium institutions.

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