Glass swimming pool windows

Aquarium Technology Ltd design and install glass swimming pool windows for use as submerged viewing panels.

Glass swimming pool window size and shape is mostly a matter of personal choice but as a rule pool designers want the largest uninterrupted panes possible. To meet this demand ATL has been actively encouraging producers to maximise glass processing limits.

Increasingly popular are large glass swimming pool windows which divide the space between underground zones such as games rooms from the pool. Submerged glass swimming pool windows provide through views into the swimming pool and beyond. Glass viewing panels not only add interest and fun but also provide an important source of dappled natural light into otherwise dark areas.

IMG_1131 (Medium)

ATL’s larger glass swimming pool windows are produced from multiple leaves of heat soak toughened and laminated glass leaves. Our heaviest panel to date was 5 x 19mm thick leaves of low iron glass. This glass swimming pool window alone weighed over 1100kg. The glass leaves are assembled in a clean room environment to ensure the highest possible visual quality is achieved. ATL has its own dedicated glass inspection team. This team assists the producers to select and assemble only the best glass leaves to ensure the highest possible quality is achieved. This team is mainly used for the high end modern art market products where only the highest quality is accepted.

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ATL not only supplies glass viewing panels to the UK pool market. Overseas sales are booming with projects in the Middle East and Mediterranean on the increase. ATL work closely with architects and interior designers and prime contractors to achieve the highest visual expectations.

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