Acrylic cylinder aquarium

ATL were appointed as principle contractor to provide the specialist design and manufacture of a stunning large acrylic cylinder aquarium display. The tank is housed in a new children’s adventure soft play area in Nuneaton, England.

The 2 metre diameter acrylic cylinder aquarium stands on a steel reinforced GRP composite base. This makes the aquarium display 4 metres high overall. The bespoke aquarium components including the thermoformed acrylic viewing panels, were designed and prefabricated at ATL’s factories in Weymouth and delivered to site for assembly.

IMG_0429 (Medium)

As the play area was open to the public the challenge ATL faced was to build the aquarium outside of site opening hours to cause minimal disruption to business operations. This meant the ATL technician team working throughout the night and being offsite before the 9am opening each day.

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To assist the site team with the tank component assembly, ATL used a specialist minimal access crane unit to safely manoeuvre the elements into position. The tank components were raised with the crane and assembled in situ.


The aquarium tank holds over 11,000 litres of tropical fresh water and is serviced by a dedicated skid mounted life support filtration system.

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A display of this size needed a dominant central in tank theming feature to create viewing interest as well as plenty of habitat for the fish.

artificial oak tree, aquarium decoration

It was decided that a substantial oak tree trunk with roots creating hideouts for the fish would tick all of the boxes. ATL’s own artist’s lovingly created, carved and moulded the trunk an old oak tree. The artificial tree feature was produced using specialist mortars applied over a composite self supporting former.

IMG_0504 (Medium)

The trunk itself being 3 metres high and weighing in at over 350kg was produced as a single piece and then split into three sections, lifted into the tank and joined in situ. The bark texture was moulded from an actual tree and was so detailed that passers by did not believe that the tree wasn’t real!

Once assembled and sealed the tank was filled and tested before being handed over the to the fish keepers to mature the water and add the fish.


Bermuda Adventure Soft Play World is an exciting new development and incorporates the very latest in state of the art play equipment. ATL is proud to have worked alongside the play area exhibition design team.

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