Formed acrylic windows

Aquarium Technology Ltd produce thermo formed acrylic windows to suit any size of aquarium, pond, water feature and swimming pool project.

Using our own thermo forming ovens we have capability to produce high quality formed acrylic windows up to 4m x 4m. We also have the option to add a special oven extension module which enables us to form up to 6 x 4m acrylics!

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ATL use their own aquarium design team to calculate and specify the material thickness needed for each submerged viewing window application. From a humble garden pond viewing panel used to keep an eye on the pet goldfish up to the more adventurist circular koi pond windows, ATL can provide a quality solution to suit.

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For over 25 years we have produced formed acrylic windows for public aquarium, zoos and oceanariums. ATL’s walkthrough underwater viewing tunnels, candy cane views and other large format viewing panels have been installed around the world in many of the worlds best known visitor attractions and institutions.

Walk through tunnel Bristol Zoo

ATL have a range of standard radius forming tooling to suit most standard acrylic block sizes.

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For less standard sized acrylic blocks or for a radius outside of our standard range, ATL can offer bespoke forming tools tailored to suit the individual application.

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ATL produce formed acrylic viewing windows to suit either 3 edge or 4 edge concave or convex installations. Any these aquarium viewing windows can now be curved in cast acrylic up to 200mm thick.

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To complement our viewing panel products, ATL also offer a complete viewing panel installation and sealing service.

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