Chester Zoo aquariums

The final display in a range of prefabricated aquarium tanks has left ATL for delivery into the Chester Zoo Islands project.

Aquarium Technology Ltd was directly appointed by Chester Zoo as aquarium designer and manufacturer for a range of new exhibits. These included various display tanks, portable ‘under counter’ reservoirs and a ‘talks’ map table for the exciting new ‘Islands project’ at the world famous Chester Zoo site.

20150416_114511 (Medium)

The aquarium tanks and sumps were produced using ATL’s trusted prefabricated GRP composite construction techniques. Each aquarium display incorporates an integral plinth to allow for easy tank positioning once on site. PVC metric tank connectors and pipe access apertures allow the on site aquarium team to quickly and easily connect the tanks to the life support systems.


Each of the tanks was glazed on either one or two faces with 3 or 4 edge supported high quality clear cast acrylic viewing panels.

Whilst these ATL tanks form only a small part of the overall scheme at the Chester Zoo Islands project, it continues a long standing relationship which started in the mid 90’s with ATL installing acrylic viewing panels to the zoo’s then new penguin exhibit.

Chester Zoos Islands project is due to open to the public in July this year. Read more at Chester Zoos Islands project.

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