Aquarium design

Aquarium Technology Ltd offer a full aquarium design service using their own in house aquarium design team.

Since the late 1980’s ATL’s aquarium design team has been closely involved with the ever changing world of tank design. ATL have always provided a large range range of proven tank designs but working hand in hand with architects, structural engineers, visitor attraction designers, interior fit out specialists, artists and other visionary exhibition developers has enabled ATL to push the boundaries of aquarium design.

Using the very latest computer aided design software packages, ATL can quickly provide everything from initial concept sketches, artists impressions, outline dimension drawings through to fully detailed engineering and shop fabrication drawings. ATL’s dedicated in house manufacturing facilities enable the team to quickly evaluate and develop innovative display tank design approaches. As an example ATL is currently developing a new lighter weight aquarium tank construction system. This will be of huge benefit to some of our customers who wish to increase the size and volume of their existing display estate but have limited installation access and handling equipment available. In the past new display sizes have been governed by weight and size limitations. This new construction system will potentially open up a huge range of possibilities for ATL’s customers. Once proven through our own in house R & D and prototyping and in parallel with our customers in house live testing facility, we will be able to release more details.

Aquarium Technology Ltd doesn’t only design bespoke tanks and displays for their own aquarium projects. We are currently working closely with a major acrylic producer who has commissioned ATL to produce an aquarium design to suit a large 170mm thick thermoformed acrylic viewing panel. This large steel reinforced composite tank structure will be built entirely here at ATL and when complete, transported to their factory as a single piece display.

We have designed and built tanks for many other varied applications and world famous institutions. These include globally renowned zoo’s, wild life parks and national museums. Industrial grade tanks for applications such as electronics, medical research, renewable wind and wave energy, oil and gas research, sedimentary deposit flumes and other marine research vessels. Spill proof transportation tanks suitable for land, sea and air movement. Gallery pieces for ultra high quality modern art exhibits, tanks and cases for public space art sculptures, even a public bus shelter! ATL also design and provide an entire range of less obvious behind the scenes quarantine tanks, sumps and storage reservoir tanks. ATL tanks have been designed for blockbuster special effects scene filming and even tanks for life testing and proving the quality of a leading brand of kitchen cupboard!

Most recently ATL successfully completed the design, manufacture and installation of a site assembled Sea Glider ballasting tank. This is the centre piece of a dedicated Sea glider research facility in the University of East Anglia, Norwich campus. This was a first for ATL and proves how our design and manufacturing skills can be transferred across a range of installations. More details of the ATL Sea Glider project will follow soon.

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