Sectional aquarium tanks

Aquarium Technology Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of sectional aquarium tanks and displays.

ATL can be relied upon to create stunning sectional aquarium displays in operational aquariums, zoo’s and other ‘open to the public’ visitor attractions. The demand for ever larger tanks inevitably results in difficult access installations. Operating visitor attractions are constantly seeking to expand the volume of their display portfolio to allow them to keep and display different species.

Recently we have completed the design, manufacture, transportation and installation of an 82m2 GRP composite display tank in SEALIFE Oberhausen, Germany. The tank is located on the upper story of the building and therefore had to be designed to suit the available floor loading conditions. To meet this strict criteria building a concrete tank was not possible and therefore needed a light weight structural design approach. ATL’s structural engineers worked closely with the German approval authorities to develop successful aquarium design.


The GRP composite tank was produced in 14 individual sections and the entire tank was trial assembled at ATL prior to delivery to Germany. Once on site each tank section had to be craned up to the first floor and sized to fit through the only possible access route- a first floor fire escape doorway! Inside the building the pieces of sectional tank were positioned, reassembled and waterproofed by ATL’s technician team. Our team worked flexibly around the operational needs of this busy attraction, keeping noise and nuisance to a minimum.

Once assembled the tank perimeter was glazed with a mix of ATL thermoformed and flat acrylic viewing panels. The tank also incorporates a kids crawl through tunnel featuring a central 1m diameter acrylic pop up dome. This gives the little ones a feeling of being amongst the creatures on the seabed and ofcourse provides a great photo opportunity for mum and dad!

20150325_153653 (Medium)

After the ATL team left site, a specialist German theming contractor completed the decoration of this stunning display.


Over 11 years ago ATL completed the original SEALIFE Oberhausen aquarium development. This new display tank area is due to open to the public soon and is the very latest addition to this ever popular German aquarium attraction.

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