Sectional aquarium tank for Fota

ATL have successfully completed the installation of a large display tank for the FOTA Wildlife park in County Cork, Ireland. Working with the team from Seahorse Aquariums in Dublin, the sectional aquarium tank was designed and built in pieces and transported to Ireland on a crane equipped truck. On site each tank section was expertly handled into position by the ATL installation team.

Each tank section was sized to go through an existing double door which presented the pinch point access into the building. The steel reinforced tank was entirely built in ATL’s factory. The project was a fast track build something which ATL prides itself on achieving for its clients. To reduce ‘on site time’ as much as possible each tank section was pre-themed. This allowed the tank to be extensively finished in house by our resident artist. Once in position each section was jointed and waterproofed before being glazed with 2 large acrylic viewing panels. The in tank decor was seamlessly completed with a specially prepared colour matched panel. The ATL team is proud to have been associated with the Fota Wildlife Park project.

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