ATL tank in Cambridge University

Aquarium Technology Ltd has successfully completed the design, manufacture and site installation of a new marine scientific research tank. The tank was commisioned for the department of engineering and is the first ATL tank in Cambridge University.

ATL was successfully appointed as the chosen manufacturer of a new salt water research tank. The marine grade stainless steel tank frame was designed and built at the ATL factory here in Weymouth. Due to restricted access into the laboratory the tank was designed with a separate self supporting plinth. The vessel was fully glazed with large cast acrylic panels and was prefabricated, allowing factory testing and acceptance by the university staff prior to delivery. Once on site the large tank frame was manoeuvred into the laboratory and lifted onto the plinth by the ATL install team using a specialist lifting gantry.

For many years ATL has supplied specialist tanks and pressure vessels to research departments in universities around the UK, Europe and the middle east.

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