ATL quality

Aquarium Technology Ltd public aquarium contractor

It’s been 12 busy months since the last external audit of Aquarium Technology Ltd’s quality management systems. All aspects of the ATL quality procedures and systems were reviewed and checked for compliance to an internationally recognised quality standard.

Without exception ATL passed the last inspection in all areas of its business. This is great news for the ATL team who continually strive to improve at every stage of the aquarium construction process. From design through manufacture to final site installation the ATL team work to a quality system which brings many benefits to our existing and future clients.

ATL’s portfolio includes a wide range of diverse markets. This year ATL completed a number of typical aquarium fit outs for major visitor attraction operators. In addition the ATL team have been working on the major refurbishment of an aquarium attraction damaged during last winters floods. More details of this challenging project will follow soon. Other projects include exciting new museum exhibits, scientific university research tanks, waterproof linings and deep water viewing panels for penguin and crocodile displays. Art exhibits ranging from massive high end modern art cases to quirky public art bus shelter sculptures. There really are no limits for the ATL team!

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