Bristol Zoo acrylic tunnel

ATL have installed a stunning new walk through acrylic tunnel to the existing tropical freshwater centerpiece display at Bristol Zoo’s ever popular aquarium.

DSC_2109 (Large)

Original Tunnel to be replaced by ATL walkthrough acrylic tunnel

The updated display will eventually house Bristol’s renowned collection of American Paddlefish which are rapidly outgrowing their current tank. Natives of the Mississippi river system these unusual zooplankton feeders can attain a length of 2.2m and a weight of 100kg.

Aquarium Technology Limited to install replacement walk through acrylic tunnel

Outside view of original tunnel to be replaced by ATL

The new tunnel installation at Bristol Zoo has progressed to the completion stage with all of the sealing and décor works now complete the tunnel has been stripped of its protection and visually inspected. The rejuvenated display is due to be filled for the first time on 24th March in the hope that it will be open to the public by Easter 2014

IMG_0325 (Large)

Overhead view of the new tunnel installed & sealed and the wall décor complete

IMG_0310 (Large)

A view from within the tunnel with the protection removed for final inspection.

The spectacular views achieved from an ATL acrylic tunnel will enable the visitor to fully appreciate these very special fish moving around in a far more appropriate and friendly environment. The tank, which has been in use since it’s conversion from the old bear pit, is 5m deep and was fitted with one of the earliest walk through glass observatories in Europe. After almost 30 years of service it was decided to completely refurbish the display so the old steel and glass feature was recently demolished and ATL were appointed to design and install a modern formed acrylic alternative.

ATL install walk through acrylic tunnel. New tropical freshwater centerpiece at Bristol Zoological gardens

Walk through acrylic tunnel installation and work in progress on decor


The display has been filled and matured and the first of the fish are being introduced to Bristol Zoo’s spectacular new centre piece tunnel tank in their aquarium. The tank is now equipped with an ATL walk through acrylic tunnel and three low level hemispheres so that children can get up close and friendly with the fish. These hemispheres, or domes, have been integrated into the overall theme of the new display with the addition of ATL’s replica porthole decoration. We wish the Zoo well and look forward to shortly seeing their renowned collection of Paddlefish enjoying their new home

In addition to the tunnel works ATL have also been entrusted with the design and creation of replica mud bank décor to the internal tank walls helping to set the scene and bring the entire display right up to the highest of modern standards. Installation was completed on time and the new exhibit opened to the first visitors by Easter.

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