ATL Sealife refurbishment

This time last year Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk re-opened and welcomed its first visitors after a major aquarium refurbishment.

The centre was battered by a massive tidal surge in December 2013, damaging many of the original aquarium displays and life support systems beyond repair. Penguins, sharks and tropical fish were among the creatures that had to be moved to other sea life facilities.

Aquarium Technology Ltd was appointed as the key aquarium manufacturer and installer for this ATL sealife refurbishment project. Interestingly some of the ATL team were actually involved with the original Hunstanton aquarium installation way back in 1989!

Over a period of several months, many of the the new aquarium displays were built, waterproof lined, themed and glazed at ATL’s factories in Weymouth. These prefabricated displays were then transported to site as complete units. Due to site practicalities it was also necessary for a specialist team of ATL technicians to complete some major site overhauls and in situ repairs of the remaining displays. This included waterproof lining, theming, re glazing as well as the site assembly of a new stunning centre piece ray display.

The Sealife Hunstanton aquarium refurbishment was a excellent opportunity for the ATL team to demonstrate their breadth of experience and capability when dealing with a sensitive project under difficult project conditions. This week has seen the reintroduction of the animals. Take a look at BBC news article.

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