ATL Istanbul

ATL have designed, manufactured and installed a large sectional shoaling display and twenty prefabricated display tanks for the Turkazoo Aquarium in Istanbul, Turkey

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The renowned Turkazoo Aquarium in Istanbul underwent a major expansion of its existing exhibits and have entrusted Aquarium Technology Ltd to complete the large aquarium display tank works for them. The existing multi level ramped building layout presented particular access issues. However by working closely with the local aquarium staff and project management team the ATL installation technician team rose to the challenge and successfully installed the ATL display tanks in situ.

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The largest new ATL Istanbul display is a specially designed 8m diameter x 2.6m steel reinforced GRP composite shoaling display. Due to it size and desired location within the building this display was built as a set of sectional components.

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To make sure the site assembly operation went as smoothly as possible the frame was trial assembled at ATL. Then the tank was disassembled and each of the awkward shaped sections were loaded onto a series of HGV vehicles and transported by road across Europe into Turkey.

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Once the tank components were cleared through customs and delivered to site the ATL team commenced the specialist installation and assembly works. After being carefully handled into position the steel base and tank framework was welded and jointed together to create the toroid framework.

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The inner circumference of the exhibit was then glazed and sealed with a series of full height thermoformed acrylic viewing panels in the deep section, ramping up to some high level panels in the shallower section.

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