Aquarium life support systems ATL

ATL’s aquarium life support system installation works are complete and operational in Malmo Museum, Sweden.

With the tank water proof lining works complete and the prefabricated aquarium tanks in position, ATL’s life support installation technicians have been busy working behind the scenes. They installed the array of essential filtration and purification equipment needed to provide the life support systems, for the fish and invertebrates within the new displays.

Working with the clients team brief, ATL has designed a main centralised marine system in addition to the multiple individual skid mounted recirculation systems. ATL uses only commercial quality LSS equipment sourced from renowned and trusted equipment producers. In some cases proprietary equipment was not suitable so ATL also manufactured a series of bespoke designed bio filters and reservoirs tanks. The incredible variety of species housed in the museum aquarium requires many different life support system regimes varying from tropical marine seawater to icy fresh water!

When working on a new build project, plant rooms can be purpose designed to accommodate the equipment required. However working within the confines of a listed monument basement was always going to be challenging. The flexible ATL team is working closely with the museums own aquarium staff, specialist architects, planners and project management teams to develop a practical solution to overcome any issues ensuring that each and every system fits within the available spaces. For many years we have supplied aquarium life support systems ATL.

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