ATL artificial corals

ATL’s own team of artists have used their talents to create our own ATL artificial coral range. Following a successful R & D project we are pleased to be able to offer these for general sale.

2 years ago ATL launched a new range of artificial corals. The ATL artificial corals are all created from hand sculpted originals, faithfully recreating the look and texture of a natural reef. Our artificial coral range is manufactured on site in Weymouth, from polyurethane rubber, which is completely safe for your fish. ATL have produced a standard range of corals, which can be seen on our product page. We can also produce the corals to any individual colour specification. Please contact us on our contact page if you require futher information or would like to make a special order. New corals are always being added so if you cannot see what you need – send us an enquiry on the contact page of this site.

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