Aquarium refurbishment

Nautilus Weymouth Aquarium company ATL refurbish tank
Nautilus Weymouth based ATL Leaders in Aquarium Technology refurbish tank

After many years of trouble free service public aquarium display tanks will benefit from aquarium refurbishment and overhaul.

20130911_150017 (Medium)

Before refurbishment – Nautilus Weymouth ATL brought in to upgrade tank

Before refurbishment and despite the best efforts of many !

In some cases literally millions of people have passed by these tanks and this can inevitably take its toll on underwater windows. Rings, watches, bracelets, push chair handles, even vandalisim can all damage glass or acrylic viewing windows. In some cases viewing windows can be simply be replaced however on larger more expensive panels this is not really a consideration. The ATL team has the specialist in house skills to undertake either viewing panel replacement or polishing and refurbishment in situ on a customers site. Scratch removal from cast acrylic, annealed or heat soak toughened and laminated glasses requires a specialist approach using the correct materials and equipment. In most cases this can be undertaken at a fraction of the cost of a new panel and without leadtime to manufacture a new window. Once complete the windows will look like new!

Aquarium tank decoration and theming technology has also changed considerably over the last 20 years or so. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s fibreglass rocksheets was just about as adventurous as it got. The habitat and back drop variation being limited to the amount of moulds and colours available to the artist. By the mid 1990’s sand and cement based carved rock forms largely replaced rocksheet theming and this facilitated seemingly endless creative possibilities. However over time these materials can deteriorate when subjected to long term immersion in seawater. Since late 2003 ATL’s in tank theming has been created using high quality premixed mortars. Although slightly more expensive the long term underwater stability benefits are obvious. With the added benefit of superior carving characteristics the reproduction and creation of stunningly realistic natural habitats become a reality.

Nautilus tank Sept 2013-2 (Medium)

The Nautilus tank refurbished by Weymouth based Aquarium Technology firm ATL

After refurbishment- The new acrylic domes and underwater windows show off the new rocky overhang and crevice habitat.



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