ATL tanks head to Japan

ATL tanks head to Japan

Our latest project has seen ATL tanks head to Japan

ATL have designed and manufactured a series of prefabricated, modular linked touch pool displays for a new LEGOLAND project in Japan.

The advantages of using ATL’s prefabricated aquarium displays are widely known. Our continued success means we are becoming increasingly involved with a diverse range of projects. The ATL team is again very proud to have been nominated as the chosen aquarium tank supplier for this project. This is ATL’s first aquarium project in Japan.

20160720_073336 (Medium)

This bespoke series of ATL tanks starts with a high level wave surge dump effect which allows water to crash into the first tank. This tank includes an ATL head up dome and thermoformed acrylic viewing panel.

ATL tanks head for Japan

ATL linked touchpool with headup dome and formed acrylic

The water then cascades into the adjoining composite displays all of which are fitted with high quality acrylic viewing panels. The last tank is designed as a shallow touch pool.

ATL tanks head for Japan

ATL linked touchpools

When fully assembled the linked display is over 9 metres long and nearly 6 metres wide!

ATL tanks head to Japan

Linked dump displays at ATL

Aquarium displays and tanks of this size are traditionally built using concrete. Before it was possible for the ATL tanks head to Japan, our designers had to overcome various site related issues. Building columns and other immovable obstacles added a few design considerations. Shipping costs were also a major consideration. All of the tank components had to be designed and sized to suit standard shipping containers.

These tanks needed to be easily assembled by a team of installers in Japan. ATL have worked closely with the local project management team to ensure that the assembly process goes smoothly.

Once assembled a local team of artists will create and install high quality rock pool strata d├ęcor.

The new LEGOLAND park is due to open to the public in April 2017. For more details follow the link LEGOLAND Japan LEGOLAND Japan

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