ATL aquarium tanks for Jakarta

ATL Jellyfish Jakarta

Our latest project has been completed which has seen us supply a series of ATL aquarium tanks for Jakarta.

The aquarium technology team successfully secured the project to supply ATL aquarium tanks for Jakarta aquarium. These were sent to a stunning new aquarium project in Indonesia. ATL’s prefabricated display system was chosen as the preferred ‘plug and play’ solution for this very prestigious project.

ATL are leaders in aquarium technology. Once again ATL’s breadth of experience, in house capability and proven quality have shone through over other regional manufacturers.

ATL completed the design and manufacture of the new displays in two batches. The first consignment of ‘jewel’ tanks comprised of displays up to 4m3 volume. These tanks are furnished with high quality flat or curved acrylic viewing panels. ATL design and manufacture everything in house enabling their tanks to be completed in just a few weeks. All ATL tanks were hydro tested, inspected and export packed. The aquariums left ATL by sea freight early last month.


The second consignment consisted of a series of specialised jelly fish aquarium displays. Based loosely on the proven stretch Kreisle design principle, these tanks were built using GRP (FRP) composite technology with acrylic viewing panels.


ATLs moulded internal flow plates, pressurised compartments and dispersion plates were designed in house. These display refinements are a culmination of years of jellyfish design development and use the latest aquarium technology. ATL’s highly flexible technicians worked closely with the clients husbandry consultants and LSS designers to enhance this design. ATL’s larger jelly fish tanks are over 4m long x 2.1m high and incorporate steel reinforcement frames. One of these tanks is designed to be viewed through from either side.


The two larger ATL tanks these were again despatched to Jakarta using containerised sea freight.


There was a more pressing timescale for the smaller jelly fish tanks so these were export crated and flown out directly to Jakarta in advance. These tanks are now already on site. ATL handled all aspects of the export process on behalf of the client.


Our team is very proud to have supplied ATL aquarium tanks for Jakarta, its first project in Indonesia.


Jakarta Aquarium is part of the new superb Soho Podomoro City development. It is due to open its doors to the public at the end of this year. More details about the project can be viewed here

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