ATL aquarium tanks leave for China

ATL tank for Chongqing

The last consignment of ATL aquarium tanks are complete and heading for a brand new public aquarium project in Asia

Earlier this year ATL secured a major contract to supply bespoke aquarium displays to a new project in China.

ATL has long been regarded as the leader in aquarium technology. ATL was selected to supply a series of high quality aquarium display tanks for a new public aquarium project. This latest ATL project was for the new SEALIFE project in Chongqing, China. Using our tried and trusted prefabricated display system meant the GRP composite tanks could be entirely prefabricated in ATL’s workshops here in Weymouth. IMG_6561 (Medium)

All ATL aquarium tanks comes complete with an integral plinth and includes intrinsic safety device, integral skimmer overflow/ weir box, pump pockets and associated pipework connection. All of these essential items are carefully disguised from the viewing side.

Each of the ATL aquarium tanks is fitted with a high quality flat or thermoformed acrylic viewing panel. A variety of blown pop up domes, spun cast cylinders and walk through underwater tunnels designed specifically for children add fun and also provide really close up views of the creatures. 20160606_073107 (Medium)
ATL has their own in house thermoforming ovens and plant. These facilities provide ATL with complete production flexibility and ultimately provide ATL’s customers with unrivalled project turnaround times.

The inside of each ATL tank has been decorated with the highest quality décor to provide a realistic replica habitat. The variety of habitats range from tropical reefs complete with artificial corals to mangroves root environments. Other tanks include rusty ship wreck plates, anchor décor, tea chests depicting international trading connections, ancient pottery vases, replica swords, helmets and shields. Working closely with the clients own specialist creative and animal husbandry teams ensured each ATL tank met the highest habitat expectations. IMG_6709 (Medium)

Alongside our prefabricated displays, ATL has also manufactured maintenance free GRP composite water dump/surge effects for use on the concrete site built displays. The largest crash- dump effect has a 1000 litre (1 ton) capacity meaning that this really will makes its presence felt!dump

As part of the overall exhibition, ATL designed and built a large bespoke jelly fish display. Whilst this tank is designed to be viewed only from the large acrylic front glazing panel, it is glazed both sides with the rear panel providing a provision for state of the art L.E.D back lighting. Whilst the bespoke octopus display tank incorporated safe and secure ‘escape proof’ lids. IMG_6929 (Medium)

Once complete each of the ATL aquarium tanks is subjected to full hydro testing proving functionality prior to final cleaning, inspection and export protection. IMG_6622 (Medium)

Less than 4 months from initial order the final batch of high quality ATL aquarium displays were carefully loaded and secured into shipping containers and are now making their way across the pacific to their new home in China. This demonstrates how ATL understands the importance of high quality, fast track manufacture is to its customers. SEALIFE Chongqing is due to open its doors in early 2017.

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