ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes.

After many years of producing high quality acrylic hemispheres, ATL is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a major project to supply a number of extra large domes. This project has helped us to push boundaries and enabled ATL produce even larger acrylic domes. These larger sizes compliment our already extensive range and now include domes 40mm thick clear cast acrylic up to 2400mm diameter. Based on standard European acrylic sizes our previous maximum dome size was 1800mm diameter. However a recent opportunity arose with an enquiry from a technical customer who was struggling to find a quality dome producer able to undertake such a significant high profile project. The project is for a very high profile application which required non disclosure agreements to be signed. NDA’s are quite normal for ATL in other parts of our ‘non aquarium’ business where anonymity must be respected and maintained. Once the project is in the public domain we will be able to release further details about ATL’s involvement. Believe us when we say its exciting!

To undertake a project of this magnitude required significant investment and time commitment and ofcourse technical know how. Pushing process limitations to the extreme also requires R & D and a major investment in tooling development. To add further complications the client had already lost a considerable amount of up front time with other UK and overseas producers who despite initial interest were unable to rise to the challenge. This lost time resulted in the need for an ambitious, quality fast track solution – enter ATL.

ATL’s in house team of acrylic fabrication specialists have yet again been able to demonstrate why ATL really are the leaders in aquarium technology. Working with our trusted machine shop partners, ATL’s dome tooling was adapted to accommodate the increased cast acrylic stock size. With no time to waste as soon as the first off acrylics were available from our importers, our technicians set about preparing them for production. Obviously details of our processing must remain confidential to us but I’m pleased to say it has been a success. ATL produced a total of 16 large format acrylic domes. Our client is ecstatic and full of praise for our teams approach to his situation.

ATL increase acrylic dome sizes

ATL acrylic domes

A positive spin off from this is that ATL can now offer even larger blown acrylic hemisphere viewing panels for use in its zoo and aquarium displays. We are already discussing this with architects and designers and it would appear the possibilities are endless! Watch this space for more details soon.

ATL even larger acrylic domes

ATL increase dome sizes

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