ATL secure the next China contract

ATL secure the next China contract

Following on from our previous successes in the far east, this year has already seen ATL secure the next China contract.

The success story continues in 2017 which has already seen ATL secure the next China contract. The ATL factory is positively buzzing right now with specialist display fabrication and construction works advancing quickly on a range of new aquarium displays for this latest Chinese project. ATL has secured the follow on contract to design, manufacture and export a series of stunning aquarium tanks into mainland China. The first of these tank shipments are currently undergoing hydro testing and will be leaving our factory very soon.

ATL are proven specialists at fast track aquarium builds and this project presents its own unique set of challenges. Some of the larger aquarium displays are being advanced through the production process to allow them to be delivered into site before major elements of the buildings infrastructure are put in place. The ATL team is able to approach this demand flexibly to ensure the project deadlines are met.

ATL works closely with the client teams throughout the production process to ensure that all of the displays meet the most exacting creative demands. This gives the creative teams the confidence of knowing that everything is exactly as they want it before arriving on site thousands of miles away.

Public aquariums are becoming increasingly popular in China and demand for ATL’s products remains high. The quality standard of ATL products is also extremely good and that quality combined with fast track responses to demands are key to our ongoing success in the Asian marketplace. ATL’s team prides itself on its flexibility to every project however large or small. With undeniable quality, speed of manufacture and competitive cost control on our side these attributes have firmly positioned ATL as leaders in aquarium technology.

More details of this and our other recent projects will follow soon.

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