ATL aquarium for Korea

ATL tank for Korea

Another first, this time an ATL aquarium for Korea.

ATL were initially approached about producing a thermoformed acrylic viewing window for a project in Busan, South Korea. A Korean aquarium manufacturer was struggling with being able to source a viewing panel of the correct shape and dimensions. The acrylic viewing panel needed to be produced from a single large format acrylic block and incorporate a landscape format ‘candy cane’ style formed section on the end of a flat panel. This provided complete uninterrupted clear viewing on the front and end of the tank.

A real challenge was the production timescale. The local aquarium manufacturer had already used up the majority of the available production time. This left ATL only 7 weeks from order to export. A tall order but once contracted ATL’s team once again the team rose to the challenge. ATL were also able to build the tank including the in tank d├ęcor and export it as a prefabricated unit. This enabled a fast track plug and play site installation of the completed tank. To add a little more complication the installation was taking place in the basement level of the attraction and everything had to be sized to fit into a large service lift. The advantages of our prefabricated build system are well known and ATL is widely recognised as the leaders in aquarium technology.

So with no time to waste our team of specialists set about designing, constructing, forming (including bespoke forming tools), polishing, plumbing, theming and glazing the new aquarium display. Being the first ATL aquarium tank for Korea it was important for us to ensure the export procedure went smoothly. The timescale dictated that airfreight was the only real delivery option. ATL works closely with their export team who produced the airfreight crate and handled all international logistics for us. I am pleased to confirm that everything went to plan and the tank is now fully stocked with stunning creatures.

This was another hugely successful project for the ATL team. Examples of ATL’s aquarium tanks can be seen in visitor attractions across the region. Busan aquarium is now part of the hugely successful chain of SEALIFE aquariums. For more details check out their website here

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