SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium ATL theming

The ATL team recently completed their site installation works on the brand new SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL was chosen as the specialist supplier of a range of stunning new exhibits for the soon to be opened SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium based at Legoland, Johur, Malaysia. All tanks were designed and fabricated in house at ATL.

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium ATL

ATL prefbaricated tanks for SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

Each tank was fully tested and inspected prior to being carefully packed and loaded into shipping containers.

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

Large prefabricated ATL display being loaded

On arrival in Malaysia the tanks were moved to site and offloaded and positioned by the ATL technician crew.

ATL tank SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL prefabricated tank structures

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium ATL tank installation

Large ATL tank being installed

A new range of display concepts were built alongside a normal array of favorite and proven designs. A large version terrapin tank allows the visitor to walk through a tunnel to get that special view. Other tanks include experimental AV features.

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL prefabricated tank in final position

Some of these displays too large for shipping so were built sectionally and expertly assembled on site by our team of technicians. A large shoaling ring display was produced in sections, trial assembled at ATL before before being shipped and assembled in situ. This is a proven method of large display construction for ATL and allows us to be able to furnish aquarium spaces with larger displays without the need for bulky concrete structures.

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL sectional shoaling display

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium ATL

ATL large sectional tank structure in final location

Once again ATL’s creative team created incredible backdrops for all of the tanks with a stunning array of in tank decor and artifact theming. Natural habitat rockwork theming including coral baserock, freshwater mangroves and mud banks, ships timbers all provide stunning habitat and backdrop features. This was augmented by story telling artifacts such as ships wheels, gun barrels, swords, bottles, casks, flasks,crates, pirate portraits and of course an amazing collection of artificial corals were all produced in house.

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL tank theming and decor artefacts

ATL are proud to be the specialist aquarium partner of the worlds largest aquarium brand SEALIFE and intrinsically involved with their first aquarium in Legoland Malaysia. Keep up to date with this project by following

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