Underwaterworld Aquarium in Mooloolaba, Queensland – Australia Largest Jellyfish Display

ATL aquarium displays

ATL has succesfully completed the fabrication of a range of new and exciting Jellyfish displays for Underwaterworld aquarium in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

These stunning new displays will be installed as part of the overall Underwaterworld refurbishment project which will see the aquarium transformed into an important part of the world famous SEALIFE aquarium brand in early 2014. These bespoke jellyfish tanks have been designed and built by the skilled ATL team in record time to ensure that the clients fitout programme could be acheived. Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, ATL could prefabricate all of the tanks in their purpose designed aquarium workshop facilities. Achieving the target involved the in house production of steel reinforced GRP composite structures, fabrication of large format flat and thermoformed acrylic viewing panels, acrylic cylinders and a section of 1.8m diameter blown acrylic hemiphere. The largest display tank weighs in at around 2500kg before its filled with water! At over 5 metres long, when finally installed on its self supporting plinth the tank will stand at nearly 2.8 metres tall. This display is being heralded as Australias largest jellyfish display. It will certainly be an impressive feature!

Having succesfully passed factory hydrotesting and rigourous final inspection, these specialist displays have now left ATL, bound for the other side of the world. Constructing exhibits in this way, means once the tanks arrive in Queensland they can be brought on line quickly by installing life support filtration and adding water & ofcourse jellyfish! This system of exhibit building was pioneered and developed in the late 1980’s and not only provides competively priced displays, it brings the added benefit of reducing expensive on site time. This not only minimises disruption to the aquariums operational staff but keeps the aquarium facilities open to the public for longer. Keep up to date on this page with more news of this exciting project as it evolves. The ATL facebook page will also share more news and stories and headlines as it happens.

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