Garden pond GRP waterproofing and underwater windows

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Any garden scene will be transformed with the addition of a pond or water feature. For many years the ATL team has been using its specialist skills developed within the commercial aquarium displays industry to provide high quality GRP waterproofing and submerged viewing panels to the domestic pond and pool market. From ambitious private lakes to the more usual humble garden pond, ATL is able to undertake the design, supply and installation of GRP waterproof linings in virtually any colour. We are increasingly asked to provide different colours for the pond base and walls- which is no problem. Viewing windows either framed or unframed either 3 or 4 edge supported in acrylic or glass are always popular. ATL can incorporate the highest quality underwater viewing windows of virtually any length, height or shape and as importantly to suit every budget! ATL can offer initial advice on how best to integrate underwater viewing windows into the pond structure.  In fact its always preferable to be asked for advice before the pond builder starts work. This can save the pond builder time and ulitmately you money.  Should you wish to proceed then we also offer a site survey service to confirm final dimensions and site access requirements. The friendly ATL site installation team routinely overcome many difficult access situations so no matter how tricky you think your job is, weve probably seen it and more importantly provided a practicle solution to it before!


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