Fibreglass fish tanks, terrariums and aquariums

Or as we prefer to call them – GRP composite displays.

Aquarium Technology Ltd- ATL, boasts dedicated in house manufacturing facilities capable of producing everything from the smallest portable scientific display case to the largest and deepest site assembled, sectional aquarium tank structures. ATL really is the original ‘one stop shop’ commercial aquarium producer. Our team of specialists control every stage of the entire aquarium building process from our own factories here in Weymouth.

20141211_130658 (Medium)At the earliest possible stages of a project, ATL works closely with the client team architects and engineers to develop practical display concepts. Our own designers then take these concepts and develop these through to fully approved structural fabrication drawings. This service enables us to build every display to the most cost effective but exacting standards. We produce all of our own reinforced tank carcasses in house meaning we can achieve fast turnaround times. We also apply all of our own high quality GRP otherwise known as FRP or fibreglass fish tanks composite waterproof coatings in virtually any colour required. ATL offer a vast array of in tank d├ęcor and theming options including a complete range of natural and artefact habitats. ATL produce their own artificial coral range to suit every habitat and species. ATL manufacture, install and seal every size, shape and thickness of tank viewing window in high quality cast acrylic or heat soak toughened and laminated glass. For large concave or convex viewing panels, ATL has its own thermoforming oven facilities. We even have our own forming tool production capability and therefore if one of our many standard formers is not suitable we can always produce a bespoke former to suit even the most quirky shape requirements! We produce our very own walk through acrylic tunnels and a full range of acrylic hemisphere viewing windows, all of which look stunning when used in a prefabricated display. ATL can also assist with the specification, design and installation of all of the life support and filtration equipment needed to sustain stunning aquarium displays.

Quite literally ATL do everything in house and this brings significantly reduced lead time advantages. Whether its a private individuals home aquarium or a complete public visitor attraction fit out, ATL can usually produce like for like products faster than most others.

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