ATL tank for Pula Aquarium

ATL tank for Pula acrylic

The first ATL tank for Pula Aquarium has been successfully installed.

A few short weeks ago ATL were approached with a challenge. ‘Could we design, manufacture and export a brand new cylinder display in only 8 weeks?’ The aquarium industry knows that ATL thrive on challenges and we always wanted to produce an ATL tank for Pula Aquarium in Croatia. The delivery time scale meant that our first ATL tank for Pula aquarium had to be completed in around 7 weeks to allow enough transit time to Croatia. When taking into account design drawings, initial raw material lead times, tank construction, acrylic forming and polishing, plumbing, theming, hydro testing and export- 7 weeks is a ‘BIG’ ask but of course we did it!

ATL Pula

ATL Pula cylinder tank

ATL uses its own specialist equipment and employs a dedicated in house team of carpentry, composite layup, plumbing and creative artist technicans and is therefore able to respond to very fast track demands. Our very experienced team is dedicated to delivering the very highest quality plug and play aquarium displays, extremely quickly. Indeed our continued success acquired over many years of commercial aquarium production enables ATL to offer a genuine unrivalled capability to all of our clients. ATL the leaders in aquarium technology.

Pula aquarium is a long established and well respected public aquarium visitor attraction. The aquarium itself occupies a quite unique location. Situated on the beautiful Istrian peninsula in an Austro Hungarian fort high above the pretty city of Pula on the stunning Croatian coastline. It attracts many visitors to the aquarium every year and its own dedicated team of experts care for the many quality species that can be seen. Marine turtle rescue and rehabilitation has always been a major part of the aquarium work. This work has helped establish Pula aquarium as the only marine turtle rescue centre in Croatia. Take a look for yourself visit

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