ATL Penguin display opens in Southend

ATL penguin viewing

First Otters and Meercats and now the Penguins have settled in to the ATL penguin display in Southend’s Sealife adventure

After months of planning Southend Sealife adventure has reopened its doors to unveil its exciting new exhibits. The enclosures and displays are proving to be a huge hit with their customers. The Aquarium Technology Ltd team has been involved this project from conception through to completion. ATL worked closely with operational staff and a team of engineers, architects and contractors to ensure the best possible use of the available space. The ATL penguin display is part of a range of new exhibits and displays.

These new displays signify a major £680,000 investment in the Southend sealife adventure site, part of the Stockvale Group. As is often the case, it wasn’t all about the works that are on show to the public. Behind the scenes a major enablement project also took place. ATL’s specialist technicians and LSS plumbers worked to enable a major overhaul and upgrade of the aquariums on site water storage facilities. Location constraints dictated that new GRP composite reservoirs had to be installed in sections and assembled in site. The plant room now boasts increased on site water storage capacity to accommodate the new exhibits. Our aquarium plumbing team were able to work on the systems ‘live’ to ensure that the aquarium did not lose vital access to water for any length of time. Quite an achievement in itself!

ATL’s long trusted GRP composite lining system has been used to provide waterproofing to the penguin plunge pool. Acrylic viewing panels were also installed and sealed by ATL. The main viewing panels allow both above and below water views of the amazing penguins.

Existing attraction sites rarely have generous room for future expansion and Southend was no exception. Architects faced a real challenge with the space they had to work with and have achieved a great result.

Space being at a premium presented issues for the location of the penguin pool filtration system. With a brief for ozone disinfection, bio filtration, protein skimming and traditional particle filtration required to maintain the pool water quality, ATL opted for a bespoke skid mounted system design. ATL worked with a specialist manufacturer to design a suitable system that achieved the brief. The system was installed and set up by ATL and brought on line ready for the penguins much anticipated arrival.

As well as the new ATL penguin display, our team designed and installed two larger tropical fresh water aquarium displays to house some of the aquariums super sized specimens which had outgrown their old tanks. A new cylinder tank and a large display providing viewing from both sides have been added. Both displays incorporate bespoke in tank décor and localised LSS units. Both of these tanks were fully prefabricated at ATL, delivered and craned into site.

ATL’s prefabricated tank system enables offsite leaching which following, quick site installation allows the tanks to be maturated quickly. ATL are recognised as the leaders in aquarium technology.

The ATL team has been proud to be involved with this project which im sure will provide many years of enjoyment for visitors to one of Southends destination attractions. For more details about the project and everything else that Southend sealife adventure has to offer please follow

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