Public aquarium contractor

Aquarium Technology Ltd is the UK’s original public aquarium contractor.

Since the late 1980’s most of the existing team have been working together. During this time ATL has now established itself as a professional global public aquarium contractor. ATL offers the full range of specialist skills and services required from a public aquarium contractor. ATL is the complete turnkey public aquarium contractor package and with everything under one roof!

ATL offers professional aquarium display and zoo exhibit design, tank construction, composite waterproof coatings, aquarium viewing panel fabrication and installation services, life support and quarantine system installs and of course beautiful tank décor and theming. ATL really do have it all in house.

Aquarium Technology Ltd continue to provide their public aquarium contractor services to a worldwide audience. Literally examples of ATL products and services can now be seen somewhere on every continent!

ATL aquarium displays

ATL tanks are supplied to visitor attractions across the world

ATL doesn’t just offer its public aquarium contactor services for new development projects. ATL continue to be involved with some fairly major public aquarium refurbishment works. These projects increasingly demand a professional public aquarium contractor and the ATL team is able to rise to any set of challenges.

Recently ATL completed the major refurbishment of a 25 + year old ocean tank display. The refurbishment work scope included structural beam corrosion proofing, biological filter plate replacement and the creation of replacement tank décor. As part of these works ATL designed and installed a bespoke self supporting turtle haul out ramp complete with an integral sand pit. ATL provided a complete in tank redecoration service including artificial ship wreck panels, portholes, canon, anchors and other artefact elements. Coral reef rockwork with a variety of ATL’s own artificial corals complete the scene. As a finishing touch to the refurbishment, ATL installed new floor to ceiling height acrylic viewing panels replacing the original glass panels.

Further details of this exciting project will be published in the coming weeks.

ATL’s flexible and friendly team work approach allows multi skilled trades to work in harmony, very often in space constrained site situations. This is a very useful asset to boast especially when working in visitor attractions which remain open to the public throughout refurbishments.

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