ATL tank theming Skegness aquarium

The ATL tank theming team has completed the ocean tank d├ęcor in the UK’s newest public aquarium attraction in Skegness.

ATL were appointed as lead theming contractor for the main ocean tank theming works. Closely following the client brief, an ambitious coral reef has been created as the centre piece of the display.

With the base rockwork created, the ATL team installed a multitude of colourful artificial corals. ATL has also created realistic carved ship wreck timbers, sunken treasure chests, wine urns, a large cannon barrel and even a replica skull!

All of ATL’s in tank themed habitats and artefacts are carefully created using plastic mesh formers coated in high quality premixed mortars. This not only makes them fish friendly but as importantly self supporting and suitable for long term immersion in tropical seawater.

The exciting ‘Treasure Island’ themed Skegness aquarium is now open and welcoming many happy visitors.

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