ATL penguin viewing windows

Aquarium Technology Ltd – ATL has recently produced and transported all of the acrylic viewing windows for use in the exciting Penguin Ice Adventure project at the National SEALIFE Centre in Birmingham. Different size and shape viewing panels have been manufactured including large flat and thermoformed acrylic panels. These ATL penguin viewing windows offer a variety of part and fully submerged, portrait, landscape and curved views. A large 1.8m diameter domed acrylic window will also be installed to allow stunning views of the Gentoo penguins underwater antics! All of the high quality viewing windows were produced at the ATL factory here in Weymouth. The viewing panels will be installed on site by specialist technicians very soon. This brand new £2.5 million Penguin Ice Adventure exhibit will also feature cold water loving lumpsuckers. It signifies the latest investment at the ever popular National SEALIFE Centre in Birmingham. The Penguin Ice Adventure opened to the public at Easter.

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