ATL large acrylic domes

An acrylic dome manufactured by ATL

ATL produce a range of large acrylic domes to 1800mm diameter in clear cast acrylic currently up to 50mm thick. Thicker hemispheres when used as submerged viewing panels offer an alternative and competitive solution compared to similar sized flat viewing windows. ATL blown acrylic domes can be engineered to suit submerged depths of well over 10 metres. The ATL team use their own in house thermoforming ovens to produce high quality acrylic domes in a range of standard sizes. In house research and development trials are constantly pushing maximum previous thickness limitations on blown domes.

For many years ATL acrylic domes have been installed in a wide variety of specialist projects around the world. Examples of ATL’s thinner acrylic domes, used for dry applications include architectural model covers, record breaking high altitude balloon gondola viewing ports, museum exhibit protection, scientific university R & D projects, cruise ship security observation cameras, star gazing skylights to quirky point of sale retail covers.

Thicker ATL blown acrylic domes are used for submerged installations such as crocodile and shark viewing panels, penguin, seal and sealion viewing windows, swimming pool viewing windows, deep ocean aquarium tank viewing and hemispherical submarine bow observation windows . There is always a different application for an ATL acrylic dome.


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