ATL crocodile viewing windows

Aquarium Technology Ltd is pleased to have worked with the UK’s only dedicated crocodile zoo located in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire. ATL was selected as the design and installation contractor of submerged acrylic glazing panels for the three largest zoo enclosures at Crocodiles of the World newly opened facility. The expert ATL technician team installed and sealed the large cast acrylic crocodile viewing windows /panels into the bespoke designed enclosures. ATL crocodile viewing windows flat landscape format viewing windows provide wonderful views of these magnificent creatures both above and below the water. The recent move saw the zoo relocate to much larger premises and allows visitors the opportunity to visit the zoo every day excluding Christmas day.

Crocodiles of the World is dedicated to crocodile and crocodile conservation and has been featured on the Discovery Channel and even had its own TV mini series aired on Channel 5. Founder Sean Foggitt and his team really are passionate about these fascinating ancient creatures.

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