ATL crocodile viewing Sealife Melbourne

Melbourne Aquariums brand new crocodile lair has opened. This state of the art croc exhibit is home to Pinjarra, a massive 5metre long, 750 kg salt water crocodile.

Aquarium Technology Ltd , ATL were appointed as the specialist provider of the concrete tank waterproofing system as well as all of the acrylic underwater crocodile viewing panels. The crocodile enclosure viewing windows will offer a variety of part and fully submerged views of Pinjarra and the rest of the realistically themed enclosure. These views include trapedoidal, large rectangular, large concave hemisphere and smaller head up dome shaped views.

All of these specialist works were completed with the aquarium remaining open and fully functional to the public throughout. To achieve this feat a very flexible approach to the workscope was needed, proving once again that ATL’s flexibility is key to achieving results.

The expert ATL site installation team completed the water proofing works and sealed the ATL crocodile viewing panels by working flexibly as an integral part of the client fitout team. The result speaks for itself now this wonderful new and exciting exhibit has finally been unveiled. View the ATL Facebook page for more news and regular updates on how Pinjarra is settling into his new home.

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