Penguin pools

For many years the Aquarium Technology Ltd team has been supporting visitor attraction operators. ATL provide all of the specialist skills and services needed to create stunning penguin pools and exhibits.

Penguin pools are always popular with the public. The ATL team has been involved with many of the penguin pools and displays seen in zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums today. ATL provides water proofing, glazing, life support system and theming installation services.

ATL’s GRP composite linings are used to provide durable and reliable water proof coating and tanking systems to the pool structure. GRP is widely used in the main penguin pools dive zones but increasingly these coatings are being extended out of the pool and onto the penguin haul out and land areas. By necessity these areas are subject to regular cleaning by exhibit keepers and some coatings simply de bond and break off in time leaving the concrete exposed. ATL’s GRP coatings withstand these rigours and continue to provide protective coatings to penguin pools for many trouble free years. As a standard part of the ATL lining service, different colour finishes for walls and floors are applied. As an example mid water blue walls and sandy seabed coloured floors are now the norm. We are even able to offer ‘icy blue hues’ for those under and above the icescape scenes. Behind the scenes ATL linings are used to water proof line the LSS sumps, reservoirs, quarantine and care facilities all of which are essential for maintaining healthy penguin pools.

ATL viewing panels are produced in flat heat soak toughened glass or more frequently in flat or curved cast acrylic. ATL’s underwater viewing windows are manufactured and installed as part of the overall penguin pools package. All of ATL’s penguin pool viewing panels are designed specifically to suit either the dry, submerged or part submerged application. Something that can be easily overlooked is the need for increased window thickness for dry land area views. This is particularly important where large temperature differentials exist. For example between the public areas and say penguin pools that use ice machines etc to create ambience within the exhibition space keeping temperatures low. ATL can assist designers with the specification and supply of windows with a higher ‘U’ factor to minimise condensation issues.

When it comes to installation of life support systems for penguin pools then ATL can also help. The team has been working alongside a world leading aquarium filtration designer and manufacturer who has entrusted ATL to install their commercial LSS equipment. This service offers project managers the potential benefits of combining key areas of site expertise in turn foreshortening site programmes. Shared mobilisation and accommodation costs are an additional benefit for all parties.

ATL have access to their own in house artist team to produce realistic décor, in tank theming and stunning backdrops. Equally we are more than happy to work alongside other specialist theming suppliers and contractors. ATL’s adaptable and flexible teamwork approach ensures that all of ATL penguin pools projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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