Jurassic World 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL

ATL domes

By now everyone is now aware that the latest block buster installment of the Jurassic world series has now hit the big screens across the globe

What is less well known is the connection between Jurassic World 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL. In fact ATL were involved with an important part of the latest JA Bayona directed movie. ATL is best known for producing large high quality acrylic hemispheres for use as aquarium viewing panels. This in house capability attracted the attention of the movies special effects department. We were contacted by the special effects team at the world famous Pinewood Studios with a request to produce a series of large diameter thick acrylic domes. These large acrylic domes were to be used in key underwater filming scenes in the movie.

We met with film producers and the special effect department technicians to discuss their ambitious requirements which exceeded our then largest tooling sizes. With time of the essence to meet filming schedules, ATL signed contracts and non disclosure agreements and were quickly appointed to this incredibly interesting project. New hemisphere tooling was designed and fabricated and ATL commissioned the production of over 20 oversize acrylic blocks. With such a tight product requirement our team of technicians worked around the clock to prove the tooling and techniques required to produce the first off prototype for the effects teams approval. The first off prototype was successful and approved for all out production to rapidly begin.

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL large acrylic domes used for the jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL

Thermoforming large thick acrylic panels and blowing them into domes with no surface irregularity is quite an engineering feat and requires considerable process control and operator skill. Im pleased to say that ATL’s products and technicians exhibit these qualities, a process that cannot be rushed. The requirements and deadlines were stiff to meet onward shipping dates to set locations in Hawaii and our dedicated team rose to the challenge. With many early mornings and late nights we were able to produce all of the domes on time.

ATL even larger acrylic domes

ATL’s Jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom gyrosphere acrylic domes being shipped to set in Hawaii

ATL domes used for Jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom

ATL’s gyrosphere domes being prepared for the plunge

gyrospheres have been used in the previous Jurrasic world movies but in Jurrasic world 2 the acrylic domes needed to withstand water pressure. An especially exciting scene involves a gyroshere falling from the Isla Nubla cliff top and plunging into the ocean below trapping its inhabitants inside a sinking gyrosphere.

Jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL

ATL domes being used to create the submerged gyrospheres for Jurassic World 2

ATL prides itself on delivering high quality products to its customers. We also believe that a friendly happy team produces the highest possible quality. Ofcourse we didnt get invited to the movies red carpet premiere so we thought we’d create our own premiere evening. The team decided to go out for a meal and a drink or 2 and then go to the cinema and see the film together. Yes – it was a great night!

Jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL

The ATL team enjoying the Jurassic world 2 the fallen kingdom evening

For those who have yet see it take a look at the following

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