Freshwater aquarium for Hankensbuttel otter centre

freshwater aquarium

ATL recently completed a large freshwater aquarium for Hankensbuttel otter centre

Our team were successful in securing a project in Germany at the Otter Zentrum otherwise known as the Hankensbuttel otter centre. The Hankensbuttel otter zentrum attraction not only provides a sanctuary for otters but mink, polecats and many other animals on a 6 hectare open site with lakes and welcomes over 100,000 visitors each year.

The Otter Zentrum team wanted to add a stunning large freshwater aquarium display to enhance their visitor entrance area experience. ATL were contacted and subsequently appointed by industry renowned filtration specialists, Aqua Sander Gmbh and together provided the life support system (LSS), aquarium and theming elements for this lovely freshwater aquarium project.

Our in house design team produced drawings and presented visuals for client team sign off. Once agreed the team set about constructing the 5m x 1.5m x 1.3m freshwater aquarium. Despite its size it was decided that this freshwater aquarium tank could be manufactured, transported and installed as a single section. Producing high quality large aquarium tank structures are a specialty of ATL!

Freshwater aquarium

ATL fully wrap the entire tank structure in composite

This approach allowed our teams to extensively complete their works here in our factory in the UK. Once constructed all in tank LSS connection pipework, integral skimmers boxes and drains were integrated into the tank structure. The entire freshwater aquarium tank was then fully wrapped using ATL’s bi colour composite waterproofing system. The freshwater aquarium incorporates bespoke concave formed 3 edge supported acrylic viewing panels together with an underwater TV screen view at the rear of the exhibit.

The otter Zentrum team required a very ‘location specific’ theme for the freshwater aquarium decor which needed to ‘blend in’ with a local artists muralled backdrop. Working from supplied photographic references the ATL creative team set about faithfully recreating the scene here in our workshops.

freshwater aquarium

Otter zentrum freshwater aquarium theming in progress

ATL freshwater aquarium

Hand carved logs add realistic features

Of course not all of the decor could be completed until after the tank was installed in situ. The tank was transported to Hankensbuttel and our team travelled to site to meet it and offload it into position.

Due to its prominent location within the attraction it was agreed that we should complete the freshwater aquarium installation out of hours before Otter Zentrum opened to the public.

Freshwater aquarium

Sarah gives a helping hand

Freshwater aquarium

The tank en route to location

freshwater aquarium

Positioning the tank onto the plinth

Once safely installed Otter Zentrum opened to the public for the day and our team continued with their on site theming works. This minimized any disruption to the business and allowed the public to take interest in our theming processes.

As part of the on site theming our creative team provided carved tree features, logs, mud, washed out boulders.

Freshwater aquarium

ATL riverbank theming in progress

Freshwater aquarium

Continuing the tank theming to the mural

A carved timber palisade into which areas for interpretation boards and themed access hatches to valves etc were incorporated.

freshwater aquarium

Hatches and interpretation panels were added to the external theming

ATL freshwater aquarium

Nearing completion

The tank was unveiled at an opening ceremony attended by local dignitaries and otter zentrum officials.

ATL Freshwater aquarium

Our tank being unveiled at the grand opening ceremony (photo courtesy of Otter Centrum)

This was a really enjoyable community project for the ATL team to work on. Projects such as these showcase perfectly the flexibility of our team which brings many quality benefits to the products we produce for our customers. Working as part of a happy team and together being involved with all aspects of the project from concept to completion promotes job enrichment for everyone involved. More details about our works at otter zentrum can be viewed here

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