ATL in Malmo Museum aquarium

The newly refurbished Malmo Museum aquarium has been enjoying a massive increase in its visitor numbers since reopening back in the early summer.

Aquarium Technology Ltd has completed another full aquarium refurbishment. This time saw ATL in Malmo Museum Aquarium in Sweden. The ATL team designed, manufactured and installed an entirely new range of GRP composite display tanks including glass and acrylic viewing panels and stunning underwater themed aquascapes. The habitats vary from coral reefs, shipwrecks and cannon, shoreline and native fresh water habitats. ATL also provided theming to a range of large aqua terrarium displays.

20140715_132100 (Medium)

Larger aquarium displays formed part of the basement structure and therefore were produced on site in concrete. The ATL team provided GRP waterproof linings to each of these tanks before installing the large acrylic viewing windows. The largest tank has a 6m wide single piece acrylic viewing panel which needed to be craned over the museum before the aquarium roof was installed.

20150310_100558 (Medium)

ATL installed and commissioned an entire range of dedicated life support systems to complement the project. To support the project , behind the scenes the ATL team designed and installed separate breeding and quarantine tanks and systems.

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From the outset ATL’s designers and project managers worked closely with the Swedish exhibition architects, interior designers and the client team to provide a high quality exhibit.

Made in UK, Aquariums, Dislay Tanks.

ATL is proud to have been involved with the Malmo Museum aquarium refurbishment.

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